Butterfly Valve Seals

Gee Graphite have unrivalled experience in the manufacture and supply of triple off set butterfly valve seals. With our expertise in flexible graphite and precision water jet cutting, we can assist valve designers in producing laminated valve seals to suit specific applications.

Materials include:

Flexible Graphite, PTFE, Mica Type and Traditional gasket materials are all supplied as interlayed materials.
Both disc mounted or body mounted styles are supplied in standard sizes from 2” (50mm) to 60” (1500mm) Specials available up to sizes 118” (2950mm).

The critical technical requirements of the sealing face are fully understood and achieved through precision clamping and machining of the laminate.Solid seals, disc/body seats and clamp rings are supplied fully machined to customer drawings.


Capability to machining both interior and exterior surfaces.

  • Laminated or solid
  • Body or disc mounted
  • Solid
  • Graphite Layer
  • Soft Cut Layer
  • PTFE Layer
  • Mica
  • Combination (Graphite / PTFE)

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